Summer Camp Hours: 7 AM to 6 PM

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Summer camp at the Montessori Academy Scott Blvd. is your child’s ticket to a rich and full summer camp experience! Summer fun, excitement, and learning are all rolled into one great package. We offer children a vibrant and caring community that encourages cooperation, independence, and self-discovery. Our eight week summer session includes a broad range of fun and stimulating activities in gardening, cooking, Spanish, yoga, arts, outdoor education, and academic enrichment. With flexible, full-day programs, each with a special focus, you have the flexibility to plan an active, exciting and educational summer for your child.

FROM THE GARDEN...TO THE TABLE (Session 1): May 30 to June 26

FROM THE GARDEN - Gardening is a favorite summer activity at Montessori Academy. In this session, students will learn about seeds, plants, and how to create their own indoor gardens. Outdoors, the children will plant and tend to our Vegetable Garden, Butterfly Garden, Sensorial Garden, as well as, composting veggie and fruit leftovers from our snacks and lunches. For some of our new students this is the first experience they have with bugs, mud, botany, and harvesting. Some to the things they will plant will include snap beans, carrots, lima beans, flowers, and herbs


TO THE TABLE - Cooking is an exciting and pleasant sensory experience for children. It also provides avenues for the development of concepts in math, language, science and cultural subjects. The children will learn cooking basics including measuring, setting the temperature on the oven, and washing and cutting up fruits and vegetables. We will explore where food comes from and different ways to prepare it. Students will enjoy the child-friendly food preparation activities while learning how to make healthy and nutritional choices from appetizers, lunch favorites and some real homemade cooking. Students will harvest foods from the garden as well as shop at the local farmer’s market to prepare their meals. Some of the cooking projects will include muffins, pastas, fruit smoothies, sorbet, pizza, ice cream, tacos, and salads.

Click here to download the camp calendar for June.


GREENING THE SCHOOL GROUNDS & BEYOND - Schoolyard “greening” is an excellent way to promote hands-on, interdisciplinary learning through projects that benefit schools and increase green space and biodiversity in a community. In this session, the children will learn how nature sustains life and the components of a healthy community. The students will learn about the interaction between people and their environment. We will cover issues including pollution, conservation, and environmental stewardship. Students will learn about reuse and recycling and have a chance to actually make paper from recycled materials. We will also visit a recycling plant and learn about small changes we can make with our family that will have a positive impact on our environment and our world.


THE BEAUTY OF NATURE - Our students will be joining a local art studio for a journey into the arts. They will be exposed to a variety of artistic media, techniques, and historic influences. Children will be encouraged to tap into their own creative abilities in a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the art classes will be conducted outdoors so that the children will have the opportunity to incorporate nature into some of their art projects. Students will be able to explore materials and techniques while practicing their skills in cutting, painting and creating. Some of the projects will include tie dying with natural vegetable dyes, creative collage, mosaics, print making, canvas painting, and abstract self-portraits.


Students will take different field trips to supplement the curriculum that they are working on both in and outside of the classroom.  

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