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Infant engaged in Montessori learnin


The baby’s fundamental need – precisely because he is a human being – is to be loved. But it takes a mature person to love a baby, because love takes time, love takes patience, love takes fortitude, love even requires a certain kind of humility: to love another better than one’s self. The baby needs time to be understood: he needs time in everything he does.

Dr. Maria Montessori

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The word ‘Nido’ is derived from the Italian word meaning ‘nest'. It conveys the spirit of the Montessori Academy infant environment. The goal of the Nido Program at MONTESSORI ACADEMY is to encourage, assist and protect the normal development of each child.


Montessori Academy classrooms are comforting, warm, and inviting with care being taken to provide nurturing, calm stimulation to enhance the development of the young child. Your infant will be provided with rich sensory materials in a calm but stimulating setting. He will spend time with materials and aids appropriate for his age to develop coordination of his body through movement, language, grasping skills, hand-eye coordination, eating, spending time with parents, and resting. 


Trust is a basic need that must be nurtured in infants. Our trained Montessori Academy staff will care for and respectfully respond to the needs of your child and in doing so, encourage the development of that trust and convey a message of unconditional love and acceptance. As your child develops, this trust will serve to foster risk-taking and learning.


A daily log of eating, movement and diaper changes is maintained and reported to you. As a Montessori Academy Nido parent, you must provide breast milk or formula. Parents may elect to enroll in our diaper and wipes program where we will provide these items for the child for an  

additional cost. Otherwise, parents must provide wipes and disposable or cloth diapers.  Parents with infants over 12 months may also elect to participate in the meal program where the school will provide breakfast and lunch to your child.  Parents must provide milk and one snack a day for your child.


As a Montessori Academy Nido Program parent, will have opportunities to participate in educational sessions on a variety of topics including: how to set up the home for the infant, caring for the infant in the home environment, and how to make developmental aids. We also provide information about infant development and age appropriate behaviors and skills.

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